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10 Signs You’re Enjoying Your DBA Career Too Much

Most database professional recognize they have a good career path, and mostly enjoy the work they do.  It’s possible to cross the line of enjoying it a little too much though.  Here’s some guidelines to asses your situation:

1.  Instead of being excited for the weekend, you’re anxious for Monday to get here to see the stats on index maintenance.

2.  You seek out co-workers and ask them if there are any on call weeks you can take for them – no payback necessary.

3.  You view production issues as a good thing, because you love having unexpected problems fall onto your plate.

4.  You advocate for having a non-production, off-hours call out process.

5.  A nightly hobby of yours is restoring databases, hoping to find a bug with the ‘RESTORE VERIFYONLY’ check.

6.  You’re constantly changing the words your kids spell with refrigerator magnets to SQL themed words.

7.  Your dog is named Trigger.

8.  On the center of your coffee table is a SQL Server book that you use as a ‘conversation piece’ when guests are over.

9.  You bring a video camera to major production implementations, because you want to cherish the moment forever.

10.  You refer to to your kids as ‘Node 1’ and ‘Node 2’.

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12 Comments on "10 Signs You’re Enjoying Your DBA Career Too Much"

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  1. Raj says:

    Way too much mate !!!

  2. Stefan says:

    We have to Start a new Child Process. We have only Node one 😀 Bad for HA.

    • akreul says:

      Hah! Well, truth be told, we only have a dog at the moment – I like to refer to him as our ‘sandbox’ environment.

  3. Rick says:


  4. Rick says:

    Maybe DBA’s shouldn’t have nodes, ah, kids.

  5. Paras Parmar says:

    One more….

    Your Twitter status reads …

    Trust me this aint untrue.
    Paras Parmar (@parasparmar) tweeted at 9:34 PM on Thu, Jan 20, 2011:

  6. Sonny says:

    Just started my career in business intelligence.

    I can confirm that I get entirely too excited over the definition of 3 days, what mysterious things our LOB apps are doing to the database, and the general fragmentation level of my indexes.

  7. Randy says:

    1a. It’s because of Saturday and Sunday that you have a two day work week.

    I said something like this to my bosses one time. They just stared at me. It was true at the time. Tuning a query is more fun than yard work and painting. Not so sure now.

  8. Patrick Krapf says:

    I am a Programmer/DBA. When I have to concentrate on a problem it takes me about 45 minutes to fall into the “Zone” and once I have I do not like to stop working. This has caused me on many of occasions to work straight through the night, stop 2 hours before the first person is due in, get 90 minutes of “sleep” at the floor of my computer, and then continue on with the next day… With lots, and lots of coffee.

  9. Amy Bernardon says:

    …to donkeys your situation? : )

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