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Agile Development – A DBA’s Initial Thoughts

I recently had the opportunity to attend a three day Agile development workshop.  At a very high level, Agile development values making small, iterative changes over short periods of time, unlike traditional software development methods that generally involve a large release at the very end of a project.  If you’ve heard terms like daily scrum, product […]

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Studying for the 70-462 Exam: Database Mirroring

If we could take a picture of the HA solutions currently offered in SQL Server, database mirroring would be the short guy in the back, standing on his tippy toes trying to make sure everyone remembers he was there.  Despite this, and the fact that it’s been marked as a deprecated feature, Microsoft still feels it’s necessary to […]

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10 Signs You’re Enjoying Your DBA Career Too Much

Most database professional recognize they have a good career path, and mostly enjoy the work they do.  It’s possible to cross the line of enjoying it a little too much though.  Here’s some guidelines to asses your situation: 1.  Instead of being excited for the weekend, you’re anxious for Monday to get here to see the stats […]

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Credentials and Proxies: Getting Started
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Credentials and Proxies: Getting Started

If you’ve been a DBA for more than a day, you probably have a pretty good idea of what a login is.  However, did you know that you can access resources outside of SQL Server without granting the login permissions everywhere, and also run job steps under accounts that don’t have SQL Server access?  Say […]