Hey guys, I’m Adam Kreul.  I’m a Senior DBA for a Fortune 200 energy company and live in Dayton, OH.  I love learning, SQL Server, and have a passion for making the environment I support as fast as possible.  

I’ve been a DBA since 2008 and have worked primarily with SQL Server versions 2005 and above supporting databases as large as 6TB.  Although my title says “DBA”, I also play the role of SAN administrator and data warehouse developer.

Outside of the data world, my life consists primarily of supporting my wife as she conquers the medical residency gauntlet, being a rabid fan of the Green Bay Packers, staying active, and making the most of our limited down time through travel, friends and family, and great food and drink.


My wife, Sarah, and I after she finished her marathon in Modesto, CA.


Want more information?  Take a look at my complete resume here.